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Antigua Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario(Beneixida)

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The interior is uncluttered and illuminated, with simple decoration. It has a Latin cross plan with presbytery, transept covered by a dome on pendentives, nave covered by a barrel vault with lunettes, divided into three sections and three side chapels on each flank.

Today known as Ermita del Roser, the old church of Our Lady of the Rosary was once the parish church of the old village of Beneixida, which was rebuilt on a new site after the flood of 1982. Now it is completely isolated and solitary on the plain, next to the village of La Torreta and to the north of the new urban center.

Built in the XVII century and with important later reforms, in spite of its isolation and solitude it presents a well-kept appearance and a good conservation.

It is a large building, characteristic of the architecture of the rural baroque churches of the region. All of it is whitewashed, except the bell tower that rises on the left side and shows the plaster. This tower is of four bodies, it maintains clock and bells and it is finished off with a cupulín and recharged forge of cross and vane. On the outside, the arms of the transept, the buttresses of the small roof between which small windows open and the dome of blue tiles with white ribs and skirts can be seen.

The façade is typically baroque, with a mixtilinear cornice and ornaments of balls and pyramids. In the center of the pediment there is a rectangular window. The door is linteled and planked, and above it there is a colorful ceramic altarpiece representing the Virgin with the Child in her arms. It has a single nave with lateral chapels and an octagonal dome over the transept, covered with blue tiles with white ribs on the exterior.

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