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Torre de Beneixama(Beneixama)

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It is located in the centre, near the town hall and forms part of its coat of arms. Until not long ago it was privately owned and was on the verge of being demolished to build houses, a fact that was avoided thanks to a campaign to collect signatures.

In the excavations that have been carried out around it, Almohad and later pottery has been found. Although it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1985,1 it was in a very poor state of conservation, which led to consolidation and restoration work. This has allowed the existing space around the building to be recovered for public use. The tower must have originally been between 14 and 18 metres high, but the restoration work has recovered only about 8 metres, which is approximately the height of what was left standing.

It is planned to create a museum collection of all the archaeological remains found around the tower and in the locality.

It was built of rough masonry, but this has been obscured by the recent 'reconstruction', except for a small hole in one side which has been left as an exhibit. It is referred to as a castle in old documents, as it is a tower surrounded by a fence, which has now disappeared. It served as a defensive element for the primitive Arab farmstead to which it belonged.

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