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Torre de Félix(Benaguacil)

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The remains of the Torre de Felx de Benaguacil are located on an elevation of just over 100 metres called Plano de la Barca, which dominates the territory delimited by a meander of the River Turia. It must have been a fortified Islamic farmhouse integrated into the defensive belt of the city of Valencia, and dependent on the neighbouring castle of Villamarchante.

Only the remains of its walls are preserved, built with mud mortar. It probably had some kind of walled enclosure around it, as well as other auxiliary constructions.

From the materials found (undecorated Islamic ceramics and modern ceramics) and the workmanship of the walls surrounding the enclosure, we know that it may have been a fortified Islamic farmhouse that formed part of the main defensive belt of farmhouses that protected the city of Valencia, such as those of Bofilla and Moncada, among others. These constructions were made up of a series of elements, a tower, an albacar and a walled enclosure, which gave them a fortified character.

They used mortar walling and stones arranged inside the formwork, with the flatter or smoother side parallel to the slab. In this way, in the areas where the wall has lost the final plaster with which it was covered, it resembles a masonry wall.

Image of Torre de Félix