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Restos del Castillo de Benaguasil (Benaguacil)

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Benaguasil Castle is located in the Plaza del Castillo, that is, the oldest part of the town. Nowadays, apart from archaeological remains, the best preserved element of the castle that can be seen is the so-called "Antigua Cárcel" (Old Prison). The Castle of Benaguasil and the defences were built between 1147 and 1172 and later received a reconstruction between 1184 and 1199 to reinforce, improve and decorate the structures. In 1237, as a result of the conquest by Jaime I, Benaguacil appears in the book of the Repartimiento as a town that also had a castle. During the summer of 1348, the towns of Paterna and Benaguacil took up arms against the Union. The Unionists attacked Paterna and took it by assault. Benaguacil was surrounded and the fields of its municipal district were cut down. Pedro de Jérica, governor of Valencia, came to the aid of Benaguacil with his troops and forced the Unionist rebels to lift the siege. In 1403, during the struggles between the Valencian noble houses of the Centelles and the Vilaragut, the latter were forced to leave Valencia and took refuge "as always" in Benaguacil. The confidence in the strength of its castle and its powerful walls is evident in the number of times that the aforementioned family took refuge in its protection until 1412, when the fighting ended with the victory of the Centelles.

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