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Iglesia Parroquial de San Lorenzo Mártir (Bélgida)

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Parish Church of San Lorenzo Mártir. The primitive church, already existing in 1334, was smaller. The present construction dates from the end of the 17th century, although its decoration is Renaissance (Tuscan order on the façade). In the 16th century the Sacristy was added, between 1602 and 1633 the Tabernacle, in 1659 the doorway, and between 1777 and 1779 the Ecce Homo Chapel.

It occupies an area of 538 m2. The church overlooks the square where the palace of the Marquis was located. In front of it is located the volume of the Tower-Belfry, next to the main door, at the foot of the nave, on the Gospel side, in the protruding angle that forms the temple with Forn street, marking the corner. It is a quadrangular prism of 3'60 x 5'30 m of base and 20'60 m of height. It is formed by three bodies, of correct proportions. It has three bells in the north, east and south windows. It has a sundial located under another more modern one.

The used equipment is of irregular stone masonry and of modest factory of chains of small ashlars of unequal length in the corners of the tower and of the temple.

The interior consists of a nave, 25'12 m long by 7'10 m wide and 6'10 m high, up to the start of the roof vault. This is a half barrel vault, with lunettes and four semicircular arches, on pilasters and buttresses, which house side chapels that house simple plaster altarpieces and current images (Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Ramón Nonato, La Imnaculada, San Antonio Abad, San Antonio de Padua, la Virgen de los Dolores and Corazón de Jesús). Those corresponding to the area where the Communion Chapel is located are connected to each other. It has a dome on pendentives in the transept. The main altar is of Renaissance style, with a wooden altarpiece of two bodies.

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