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La Nevera(Barx)

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Built in the middle of the 18th century to store the snow collected in winter and use it in summer. The refrigerator has a circular floor plan of masonry and lime mortar, with a large diameter of 14.8 m but with very narrow outer walls of 0.6 m. It lost the original covering, of which some points of the birth of solid brick arches are observed (made in an adjoining brickyard of which remains are still observed) and at the moment it is possible to observe what would be the ribs in metal. The interior shaft has two access doors to the east and west and is 8.70 m deep. At the moment an archaeological investigation is being carried out, which has led to the discovery of the original access to the Nevera. This construction is interrelated with other refrigerators between the Drova and Pinet, but this is the only one restored and therefore presents a better state.

Image of La Nevera