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Fuente de la Solana(Atzeneta d'Albaida)

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In the southern part of the village, just 500 meters from the town center, we find a peculiar place where people gather for local festivities. They comment, neighbors of the municipality, that more specifically they meet in January, for the festivities of San Antonio Abad and, in summer, for the famous patron saint festivities.

The views from the Fuente de la Solana are exceptional, beautiful. As its name indicates, yes, there is a fountain... although unfortunately no, you cannot drink from it. Like many natural springs in small towns, the water that comes out of this one is not drinkable, so it is not recommended to drink from it.

In this park people take advantage and gather to have a picnic, to sit and enjoy the good weather with their loved ones...

Image of Fuente de la Solana