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Ermita del Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia(Anna)

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The devotion to Christ in Anna is, therefore, prior to the existence of his hermitage. Luciano in the first decade of the XVIII century, it did not have a particular invocation until 1796 when it was assigned the name of Christ of Providence by lottery.

Since its foundation, the hermitage was enlarged, enriched and reformed in successive interventions. The most recent ones correspond to those carried out after the Civil War to rectify the damages caused during the conflict, the one of 1978 in which the hermit's house was adapted and the one of 1990 in which the temple and Calvary were rehabilitated. Its current state of conservation is good.

It is a neoclassical building with a Latin cross plan, highlighting on both sides the arms of the transept. The right side is attached to a two-story house while the right side is free, showing the lower volumes corresponding to the sacristy (at the head) and the hermit's house (at the foot), both with independent entrances from the street. In that side it exhibits a showy sundial contained in a niche with the date of 1990 and a ceramic plaque with these verses of his Gozos: Being the Supreme Innocence / You were nailed to the Cross / Be forever invoked / Christ of the Providence. The cover of the temple is of tiles to double slope, rising in the intersection of cruise and nave a pyramidal dome of the same material on quadrangular drum.

The facade has a stone plinth and pediment truncated by a large belfry -raised after the war- that ends in a cross and weathervane with pinnacle decorations and houses a bell cast in 1940 with the remains of the old one paid for by a family of the population. The access door, raised on three steps, is rectangular and above it has a triangular pediment that is repeated in the flared window that opens immediately above. The name of the hermitage can be read in ceramic tiles above the entrance and to the right of it.

The interior, whitewashed, with ceramic plinth and gilded decoration, is presided over by the image of the Christ of Providence between columns that decorate its neoclassical altarpiece. Other iconography and objects of worship complete the inventory of the chapel.

Image of Ermita del Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia