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Castillo y Murallas de Andilla(Andilla)

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Andilla and its castle were donated by King James the Conqueror to Eiximen Pérez de Arenós, in a deed granted in Zaragoza on 27 December 1237, before the conquest of Valencia. The remains of the Castle of Andilla, of Muslim origin, occupy the top of the hill of almost 900 metres high that dominates the town, next to the hermitage of Santa Inés.
The castle is located on the hill overlooking the town, forming its characteristic landscape. It dates back to medieval times and still preserves some of its structures. At the beginning of the century, it is said that its three towers were still standing, the remains of which can now be found on the slopes and on the castle itself. It had a walled enclosure that surrounded the town; today there is still a gate under a keep that is used as a museum. The Carlist Wars and the Civil War of 1936 destroyed practically all the remains of the castle.

In 1994, archaeological work was carried out in the Plaza de la Muralla square, during which a section of the wall was uncovered. The rest of the walls have been absorbed by the houses that were built on top of them.

Image of Castillo y Murallas de Andilla