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Plaza Mayor de Alzira(Alzira)

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The Plaza Mayor of Alzira is the main meeting point for the most important civic, festive, religious, sporting and cultural events held in the town. Throughout the history of Alzira the square has had several names: San Agustín, Emilio Castelar (in the Republic, until the end of the Civil War), later the Caudillo and nowadays, Plaza Mayor. It is popularly known as "la placeta".

Our square has undergone several urban remodelling works. At first the square was crossed by a road, which divided it into two distinct areas. One part was known as the landscaped English park, as this area had a shape similar to the British flag and the fountain was located in the centre. It was called the Glorieta (roundabout) because until the reform of the 1980s, this area was surrounded by roads where road traffic circulated.
In 1959, five pergolas were built with their respective planters, with climbing plants and green areas. Mosaic paving was also planned.
And the current square underwent a new reform in the 1980s: the replacement of the mosaic paving with marble, new benches and a modern kiosk that recalls the old ones installed there, which have now disappeared, as well as the joining of the two squares,

Today it also has a children's playground and "la fonteta" has been renovated.

As for the festivities that are held in this square, we can highlight the night of Sant Antoni, on the 16th of January; the Fridays of Dolores when "La nit de les miradetes" is celebrated and on Palm Sunday night when the traditional "Encuentro" is held.

Every year, during the Fallas festival, two commissions also set up their fallas in this square: the Falla Plaza Mayor and the Falla La Gallera.

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