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Plaza de Casassús(Alzira)

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The name of this square is due to the surname of the owners of the noble house that he found in this place. It was a wealthy family, owner of large lands, houses and mills. One of the family members was the teacher and painter José Joaquín Casassús, who died in the Palacio de Casasús, his family residence, in Alcira, in 1822.
But this well-known square before being called that way had other popular names, such as Plaza de los Árboles (for the large banana trees that there were), Plaza de las Gallinas (for the bird market that took place in it), Plaza de los Juzgados (already that they were in this square until 1987), among others.
This house, today, is the Palace of Casassús, a stately palace structured on three floors and considered an Asset of Local Relevance (BRL).
This old Palace, dating from the late 17th and early 18th centuries and measuring 770 m², was acquired in 2004 by the Alzira City Council. It is currently being rehabilitated to dedicate it to municipal agencies and services.
For the first time, this position appears documented in the recruitment records in the year 1762.
In 1889 the first falla of the city was planted in this square. There is evidence of this in the plaque commemorating the Centennial of the Fallas in Alzira that appears in the square and that reads the following: “En memòria de la primera falla d’Alzira que és va plantar en aquesta plaça de Casasús el 19-3-1889. Els fallers d’Alzira amb la col•laboració de l’Excm. Ajuntament dedica el present record en la commemoració del I Centenari. Alzira, març 1989”.

In 1903 a market for birds, leaves and charcoal was held in this square, every Wednesday from March.
In 1947, the Plenary of the Alzira City Council agreed to the expansion of the urbanization of the square.
On July 19, 2002, the rehabilitation and conversion of the square and its surroundings into a pedestrian zone was inaugurated. This square is dominated by a monument to the memory of Ibn Tumlus, which also has a street with his name in our City. He was an important 12th century physician, philosopher and poet who was born and died in Alzira.
It is a monument of the artist Jaume Espí, from Carlet and is made of bronze. It was a gift from the Hospital de la Ribera to the City of Alzira

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