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Muralla de Alzira(Alzira)

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Of the medieval wall of Alzira, built in the 12th century, some towers and defensive walls have been preserved. It was structured around a bastion on the Pont de Sant Gregori, where you can see sections that are perfectly preserved, along with others that have been demolished by the various urban extensions or absorbed by annexed buildings, even so, it is advisable to take a walk along their layout. An interesting part of the wall is the area bordering the Vila Park. It is a well-preserved area with numerous palm trees.

Opposite the fork in the roads leading to Algemesí and Alberique stood the defensive fortifications of the Calzada or San Gregorio bridge, which provided access to the Castellet de Sant Pere fortress and the town. On the left, it reached the exit of Salinerías street with a wall and seven towers. From there to D. Bernardo street, with four towers. Past Calle de Carniceros we reach Calle Mayor and the defensive works of the Arrabal bridge (San Agustín - San Bernardo); from this section there are still two towers embedded in houses and in the Ronda with a section of wall, merlons and parapet facing onto Calle Mayor Santa María.

From the bridge and parallel to Calle de la Lonja (now Faustino Blasco) you reach the old market square, where the space has recently been developed, recovering a section of wall with three towers and an interior walkway. Until the recent flood of 1982, there were still two towers.

From Calle Saludador onwards, the largest surviving section of wall remains, with eight towers. Its construction originally dates back to the first Islamic centuries and was built with pebble masonry. Despite the current terracing, the towers are 7-10 metres high and the wall is 6 metres high, with a thickness of 1.20 metres. The wall is lost at the height of the Guardia Civil barracks, and there is a stretch of buried wall, joining it next to the construction site of the church of Santa Maria with the "Castellet de Sant Pere".

The wall provided shelter for the inhabitants of the town in warlike actions (Alfonso el Batallador, Cid Campeador, Almohads, King Don Jaime, Communities, Germanías and civil strife) and against the overflowing of the river.

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