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Monumento homenaje al labrador.(Alzira)

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It is a marble and bronze monument located in the Plaza del Reino in Alzira. It is dedicated to the farmer and symbolises the fertility of the land. The work was carried out by Octavio Vicent in 1972.
In December 1969, the project for the urbanisation of the Plaza del Reino began, which consisted of a luminous fountain in the centre of the square with a circular pond and a garden area surrounded by palm trees forming a promenade and a monument in the centre of the fountain.
The monument was designed by the Valencian sculptor Octavio Vicent. The marble statue he made for the top was the goddess Ceres, protector of agriculture. Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, cultivation and fertility. She was the one who gave men the knowledge of agricultural techniques, as well as the processing of wheat and the making of bread. She was also considered to be responsible for the flowering of trees and plants. From her name Ceres comes the word "cereals".
Below, on a pedestal, there is a bronze statue representing a Valencian farmer dressed in traditional espadrilles, short trousers, a shirt, a sash around his waist, the typical mocaor on his head, a hoe on his shoulder and a brightly coloured blanket on his back. The work was inaugurated in 1972 during the festivities of the Patron Saints of the city; San Bernardo and his sisters, María and Gracia.
The years have passed and the fountain and monument of the Plaza del Reino continue to bring life to the town ana are a direct witness to the festivals and traditions that are celebrated in Alzira throughout the year.

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