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Lavadero Público (Alquerieta)(Alzira)

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In March 1936, the owner of the “Huerto del Pararrayos” ceded the land to build the L’Alquerieta laundry. The project was designed by the architect Juan Guardiola in September 1936, executed by the administration itself when the two auctions were deserted. The work was completed and inaugurated on March 23, 1937.
It is made up of a ground floor nave with a gabled roof. The access door is located under a semicircular arch and windows on both sides. Inside we find the two rafts with the sinks on each side for washing clothes. The city's coat of arms with the Republican crown is preserved on the main façade, declared an Asset of Local Relevance.
This laundry is the only one that is preserved of the four that Alzira owned. The laundries fell into disuse and on July 1, 1975 it was agreed to suppress them after losing their role.
With its closure it suffered abandonment until between 2015-2016 it was restored for its ethnological musealization as a space for which it was created, as the only representative of its time.

Image of Lavadero Público (Alquerieta)