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Iglesia Santa Catalina(Alzira)

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The church of Santa Catalina de Alzira is located in the Constitución square and is a temple of Gothic and Baroque styles. It is declared a Property of Cultural Interest and is part of the Historical Heritage of Spain.
It is a very important example of the architecture of the valencian religious Gothic of the Time of the Reconquest that evolves over time adapting to new functional and stylistic demands.
It is dedicated to St. Catherine, virgin and martyr. Inside are guarded the relics of San Bernardo de Alcira, patron saint of the city. In the chapel of the Sacrament, the image of Our Lady of the Murta, co-host of the city, is venerated.
This temple was built on the site of the main mosque, with basilical plant and Gothic structure, and was remodeled in 1531 using the buttresses. Currently there are some Gothic elements, such as buttresses, remains of toral arches, ojival hens and the oculus, the main chapel and the bell tower.
In 1936 the temple was burned, with the sculptural and pictorial funds revalued by the works guarded after the demortization, and from the monasteries of La Murta, Franciscans and Capuchins, being lost next to the valuable archive.

Image of Iglesia Santa Catalina