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Paraje Natural Municipal "La Torrecilla-Puntal de Navarrete"(Altura)

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The PNM “La Torrecilla-Puntal de Navarrete” was declared as such in March 2006. It is located about 17 km from Altura, following the road that goes to Alcublas. It has a parking area, fountains, information panels and a recreational area.
It houses a great variety of flora (savines and kermes oaks, as well as rosemaries and gorses) and fauna (you can see deer and hares, the red partridge, some peregrine falcon and even some wild cat).
The unique nature of the vegetation has led the area known as “the Puntal de Navarrete” to be declared a Micro Reserve of Flora. We can walk through it following the self-guided path it houses.
From a landscape point of view, the shade of the Torrecilla ravine is of greater interest due to its diversity of outcropping strata that determines a karst landscape characterized by high ridges, abrupt ravines, landslides and natural shelters.
The site hosts an interesting archaeological site of Iberian origin at the top of Cerro de la Torrecilla. It is a village whose remains correspond to a defensive concept of control, protection and surveillance of the crossroads and the fountain that pop up at its foot. In addition, we found remains of Civil War trenches belonging to the Intermediate Line or the Palancia.
Since the beginning of the agro-pastoral cultures, the area has seen the transhumance of cattle between the coastal area and the interior mountain. The shepherds of sheep flocks, who came from Teruel to spend the winter, brought with them even new construction techniques that can still be admired, such as the spiked walls that still stand in some of the pens they had rebuilt. La Torrecilla is the confluence of the Vereda de Montmayor, the Cañada Real de Benabal and the Vereda de Aliagas Royas.
Currently, some of these ancestral paths are integrated into the GR-10 Great Route Track, which crosses the area and is approved internationally by the competent mountaineering federations.

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