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Museo Casa de Ayora(Almussafes)

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The building is a museum in itself, given its impressive interior richness. Both on the walls and ceilings there are numerous frescoes and wallpapers of French origin and of great value, and the ceramic floors are also original. After the necessary restoration work, we can be sure that it is one of the few heritage resources in the Valencian Community that currently has such rich and well-preserved elements.

Exhibitions, poetry recitals, concerts and civil ceremonies are some of the uses for which the emblematic Casa Ayora in Almussafes is used.

The research carried out until now has placed the origin of the infrastructure in the 18th century. However, some discoveries made during the refurbishment have led experts to believe that the initial construction may actually date back to an earlier century. It has BIC protection on the coat of arms that presides over the façade.

Image of Museo Casa de Ayora