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La Fàbrica de la Seda d'Almoines(Almoines)

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The Almoines silk factory: The “Lombard Frères” was founded in 1848. Enrique Lombard Gaujoux, owner of a textile factory in Nimes (France), came in search of raw material. Seeing the wealth of the area in the harvesting and craftsmanship of silk as an important engine of the region, he decided that it was optimal to build a factory here. Yarns were manufactured using steam engine systems, being key in the industrialization process and growth of the silk industry. It successfully overcame the pebrine crisis from 1854 to 1867 (which made silkworms sick), and had its own bank in Valencia: the Lombard Frères Bank, at the end of the s. XIX. It had about 900 workers, exporting all over the world, being a benchmark in Europe. The Alcoy railway played an important role in its logistics. Thanks to her there was stable and quality work, with family conciliation. Around 1929 the raw material began to fail, the workshop closed due to lack of innovation, and the rise of Asian silks. Among the testimonies, they commented on the crisis: «Quan in Almoines it takes 15 hours and three gifts to make a fish, in Italy a ho feia machine, sense ajuda, in 10 minutes» The building that housed a silk workshop is a Modernist architectural work declared 'property of local relevance' because it is the best example of industrial architecture in the Safor region. It is considered Industrial, Architectural, Historical and Cultural Heritage. Despite the efforts of the city council and the aid of the county council in 2015, which rehabilitated an area for social use, the owners have not received sufficient support for its rehabilitation and conservation. In the end it has been classified as developable and this year it is in the process of being sold to build houses. With its disappearance, Safor loses an important part of its cultural historical memory and at the same time a milestone for research on the Silk Industry.

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