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Alquería del Trinquet(Almoines)

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It is a monumental archaeological (S. XI-XIX), architectural (S.XV-XIX) and ethnological (S.XIX).it is a medieval tower, with a baroque farmhouse and a trinquete of Valencian ball. It was declared of cultural interest in 1985. It is oriented to the southwest and is reached through the so-called Trinquete road, which starts from the road from Fuente Encarroz to Gandía and reaches the perimeter wall that protects it. The perimeter wall is made of masonry of boulders about two meters high, raised as was traditional in the stately farmsteads, in order to protect it as well as to have an intimate place for recreation. This wall has defensive elements. On the east side there is a tower with a curious brick machicolation. On the north side there are several loopholes. In its subsoil it is probable that there are the remains of a small medieval farmhouse built by the Quintavall family. The farmhouse with the tower, already mentioned at the beginning of the 16th century, corresponds to the typology of farmhouse with patio, around which the different constructive bodies of the same one are distributed. It is built with masonry interspersed with brick courses and the numerous arches are partitioned with the same brick. The tower in the southeast corner of the farmhouse is about sixteen meters high and almost square with a hipped roof. On its faces there are several loopholes. In its interior there is a brick vaulted staircase. The Alquería del Trinquete has its origins in the Muslim period (XI-XIII centuries), when they began to irrigate their land with water from the network of irrigation ditches fed by the river Serpis. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, the tower, the enclosed orchard and the Trinquet farmhouse belonged to the Dukes of Gandía. As a consequence of the end of the lordships (1837), they passed into the hands of different landowners. Until 1859 the estate belonged to the Vallier family, a French family established in Gandía.

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