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Lavadero Municipal(Almiserà)

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It is located on Llavador street (behind the church). Restored in 2018, it is covered to a water, with water inlet by the Acequia Madre. The Vernissa river has been an essential element in the history and development of Almiserà. The Almiserà weir captures the water from the river and conducts it through the Séquia Mare (Mother Ditch) of Almisarà to the washhouse. This was used for washing clothes and dishes. The washing place of Almisarà (restored in 2018) is located at the back of the church. It is in very good condition. It has inclined slabs to do the laundry and a one-water roof to provide shade and avoid the summer heat. The water of the Séquia Mare de Almiserá, after passing through the washing place, continues down and circulates through a channel that runs next to the church. Shortly after, it forks: one channel takes the water to the Enriquet mill and the other, which runs under the houses, to the orchard area. The Séquia Mare de Almiserà and the mill are mentioned in a document of Alfons el Vell in 1396.

Image of Lavadero Municipal