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Iglesia de San Vicente Ferrer (Algimia de Alfara)

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The main facade is resolved in the form of a large plain façade, centred by the very simple lintelled doorway. The bell tower, built in exposed brick, consists of a square prism. In the belfry there is a window on each side, and the lantern is crowned by a cupola covered with glazed tiles and a wrought-iron weather vane. The left side façade faces onto a square, to which the church opens the corresponding side façade, which is sheltered by a porticoed gallery covered by a groin vault, which was erected during the post-war reconstruction.

The interior of the church is arranged around a Latin cross plan. The nave is covered by a barrel vault with lunettes and is divided into five bays. The cornice and pilasters, which are plain, are decorated with Pompeian-style ornaments. The side chapels, which are connected to each other, are covered by vaulted ceilings. The main altarpiece, a modern work, contains an image of San Vicente Ferrer, the patron saint of the church. The communion chapel is a rectangular room covered by two barrel vaults and presided over by an image of the Virgin of the Rosary.

Image of Iglesia de San Vicente Ferrer