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Basílica Menor de Sant Jaume Apòstol(Algemesí)

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The Basilica of San Jaime Apóstol is a church built between 1550 and 1582 by Domingo Gamieta, with the collaboration of Juan de Alacant and Juan Matalí. The temple and its surroundings were proposed and cataloged as Asset of Cultural Interest, in the category of monument, due to its great historical and architectural wealth in 1980. The temple has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave with chapels, between small buttresses, connected to each other. It is divided into five sections covered with ribbed vaults and has a polygonal apse with five sides covered with a star-shaped vault. Access to the church is on the gospel side. At the foot of the church, and perpendicular to its axis, is the Chapel of Communion. It seems that it was the primitive church for which the painter Gonzalo Pérez was hired in 1423. This chapel is connected to the church by three arches that open on the Gospel side. He has had different interventions over time. At the beginning of the 18th century a baroque cladding was added; at the end of the same century, new interventions were made in the neoclassical decorative elements. It is worth highlighting the Renaissance façade of the church with a first body that follows the triumphal arch scheme with paired columns between which niches are located. The second body has three niches between Corinthian columns with fluted shafts and topped by a curved pediment. At the top of the portal is the town's coat of arms. The bell tower is located on the access. It is seated on the buttresses that flank the portal and on which the discharge arch on it falls. Made in 1703, the auction has decorative elements that appear to be later. The exterior factory is made of masonry, ashlar and brick. It is said that this basilica supports its bell tower without pillars. What makes it really special. A slight tilt is noticeable today. Mannerist and tenebrist paintings by Francisco Ribalta stand out in the main altarpiece dedicated to the Apostle Saint James between 1603 and 1610.

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