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Castillo de Palma(Alfauir)

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The Castillo de Palma is located in the Sierra de Ador and has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). It is currently in ruins, a concentric rectangular structure and the remains of a cistern can be seen.
Its origin is Muslim from the 11th century. Apparently it was conquered by James I and donated by him to Pedro de Vilaragut in 1249. Peter III the Great granted it to Juan de Proxita, who would become the first baron of Palma. It also belonged to Juan Gilabert. The Borja wanted to buy it as it bordered Gandía, offering 90,000 ducats for it, compared to the 100,000 orders that Don Francisco Vives de Boíl, Lord of Bétera, offered to pay. Years later it did belong to the duchy of Gandía. It is a rocky castle of irregular plant coupled to the rocks of the available space at the top of the mountain, with two well differentiated enclosures and a visual domain of the really amazing environment and the lower enclosure, much larger, as an albácar, occupies an area of about 3,000 m2, with irregular rectangle plant, with 73 m. long by 50 m. wide.

Image of Castillo de Palma