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Castillo de la Señoría(Alfara del Patriarca)

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The castle is located in the municipality of Alfara del Patriarca at an altitude of 35 meters above sea level. The documented origins of Alfara del Patriarca date back to the period of Islamic domination in which it was a Muslim farmhouse composed of two houses with their independent estates.

Its conquest took place in 1249, in which they would be donated by King James Ia Ximén Pérez de Tarazona and the Jurors and Councils of Daroca respectively. The one and the other soon got rid of their properties, which were later designated with the lineages of their new owners: Alfara D'en Losá and Alfara D'en Sadorní. New buildings were erected and a farmhouse was formed, which was bought by the Valencian Jurisperito Guillem Jáfer before 1341 and in 1388 he sold it to Bonifacio Ferrer, brother of San Vicente, who in 1394 obtained from D. Juan I the creation of the jurisdictional Lordship of Alfara. In 1396 it would be sold for double the price it had cost him to Bartolomé Cruilles. His family would be the owner until the end of the 16th century, when in 1595, Cosme Cruilles sold the manor to Juan de Ribera, archbishop of Valencia.

A few years later, in 1601, it would be ceded to the Royal College of Corpus Christi of Valencia, who would exercise the manorial jurisdiction until the extinction of these rights in 1819. It would also become an independent parish from that of Moncada.

Don Ramón Cabrera, leader of the pretender Carlos V, surprised and took prisoner in the last third of the year 1834, the detachment of the liberal troops that was hearing mass in the parish church of this town and two years later, the Serrador, also at the head of a Carlist party, set fire to the crops of the term.

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