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Casa de la Serena o de la Sirena(Alfara del Patriarca)

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The Casa de la Serena or Casa de la Sirena, its names respectively in old Valencian and Spanish, takes its name from the figure that surrounds its noble coat of arms, although it has a woman's head and a snake's tail. According to the inscription on the coat of arms, the building dates back to 1553.

It is a rural palace that fulfills the double function of farmhouse, dedicated to the typical agricultural crops of the area, and of stately villa of recreation. It is located in the Valencian orchard, in the extreme southwest of the municipality of Alfara del Patriarca, but adjacent to the neighboring town of Benifaraig, which belongs to the municipality of Valencia. This double circumstance provides the particularity of introducing characteristics of urban housing, such as placing its facade and main access directly to the outside, facing the road from Benifaraig to Alfara.

The whole, main house and annexes, has an extraordinary value, both morphologically and spatially, as one of the few examples of palatial architecture of the sixteenth century in this environment. We are faced with a unique example of Renaissance palace, where the old ways have been abandoned, and appear powerful, new schemes in plant, new themes of composition and factories rejuvenated by the mannerism and refined techniques of its construction, along with very pure classicist elements that use stone as a vehicle and are inserted into a smooth brick canvas. In turn, the type of housing with tower, not new, reflects a legacy of Gothic symbolism, which associates feudal power with the tower.

The house is built on top of a previous one. This can be perfectly observed on the first floor by the differences in the construction techniques of mud walling and by the blinded openings, on which the walls of the present one are built. Possibly it is about a house located in the term of Alfara next to the place of Benifaraig, of a certain Andrés Castellano, of which speaks a document of the year 1414. Using parts of this old construction, the building was erected in the 16th century according to the typology of a rural palace. During the eighteenth century, the house underwent another intervention product of which are the large holes that open on the main facade and interior, blinding a large number of others. The tower also has a pointed hipped roof.

Image of Casa de la Serena o de la Sirena