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Ermita de la Virgen de los Afligidos de Alfara de la Baronía(Alfara de la Baronía)

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t was built between 1690 and 1707, although the existence of the image of the Virgin in the parish is documented since at least 1699. The chapel and its elements of worship were seriously damaged during the Civil War, with the altarpiece and much of the interior decoration being lost. In order to restore it in 1962 it underwent a major intervention that unfortunately modified its exterior appearance, but after a lightning strike in 1995 that caused new and serious damage, it was restored, recovering as far as possible its original features. It is currently in a perfect state of conservation.

The temple, built in masonry, has a rectangular floor plan, reinforced on the outside by high buttresses with a small roof. It has a sacristy and a house for the hermit, small outbuildings with a single-slope roof attached to the left side. The façade is simple; it has a wooden lintel door, two low windows and a high one, all of them under segmental arches. A Baroque belfry with its bell - cast in 1999 - crowns the mixtilinear pediment.

Inside, with a single nave covered by a barrel vault with lunettes, there are four side chapels between the buttresses. The decoration is simple, following the Doric style. Above the main altar, which is made of masonry, the image of the Virgin is venerated in a fine Baroque carving, possibly dating from the beginning of the 17th century, although its rich decoration dates from 1945, preserved behind the glazed niche of a Neoclassical altarpiece.

Image of Ermita de la Virgen de los Afligidos de Alfara de la Baronía