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Sindicato Arrocero(Alfafar)

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The Sindicato Arrocero de Alfafar can be found in the town of Alfafar, Valencia. The Sindicato Arrocero has two floors, although from the outside it appears to have only one. The main façade, which is slightly classicist in its layout, is rather grandiose with its flares and decorations. The floor plan is determined by the large, double-height foyer hall, open to the outside through large windows, according to the usual patterns in this type of recreation, which in its more popular or local versions blends in with the patterns of the café hall.

In terms of style, the building is part of the noucentista movement, despite its rustic and naive features. The style of the work is a Frenchified, rococo style, which was very fashionable in Valencia at the time (1915) and the architect Vicente Rodríguez Martín was one of its best representatives; the Alfafar building is most probably the work of a local master builder trained in the eclecticism of the eighteenth century. We can associate the details of volutes and lions to the Valencian eclecticism of the eighties of the 19th century, on the other hand, the parapets and friezes of the openings have rococo and festive references characteristic of the first decades of the 20th century.

In 1942 the building became the property of the Sindicato Arrocero de la Federación de Agricultores del Arroz en España, for offices and storage. After its acquisition by the Town Hall and subsequent refurbishment, since 1989 this building has become the Head Office of the Alfafar Municipal Public Library.

Image of Sindicato Arrocero