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Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora del Don (Alfafar)

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The Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Don is a Catholic temple located in the main square of Alfafar, Valencia. It was built in the 18th century and represents the popular Valencian Baroque style. In it we can find the image of the Virgen del Don, which, according to legend, was found during the conquest in the 18th century. The building is made of masonry reinforced by layers of Roman-baked brick, typical of the popular Valencian baroque of the first half of the century. Despite its anonymous character, it is evidence of a notable knowledge of architectural techniques and the aesthetic principles of the Baroque. It has a bell tower with three sections and a clock, and the church has three naves with transept, dome and side chapels. The communion chapel, located on one side of the transept, is a small enclosure covered with a barrel vault with lunettes divided into three sections and presided over by an image of the crucified Christ.

The local legend attributes it to King James I of Aragon, who was camped in Alfafar to conquer the city of Valencia when seven stars came down from the sky to indicate where an image of the Virgin was hidden. According to the legend, the king in his amazement would have exclaimed: ''Oh great Do!'' which is why the patron saint of Alfafar is called Nuestra Señora del Don.

Image of Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora del Don