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Molino de Viento de Alcublas(Alcublas)

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It corresponds to an isolated structure, cylindrical in shape, slightly truncated cone-shaped, slightly wider than high, which rises above the natural rock.

It is built with live stone faceted and locked with lime mortar (now covered with cement), forming a thick wall. It has two doors facing south and west respectively, with a slightly arched masonry lintel.

Its internal structure, and even the external one, have been "unfortunately" restored, making the mill grow about 150 cm and covering it with a hat of tile and cement.
Its interior presents the start of a semicircular staircase of masonry work, of which only the first four steps are preserved.

There are no remains of a vault or signs of the existence of a "cambreta".
On the first floor it preserves a "hole" or recessed banquette of elongated shape, probably related to the machinery of the mill. On the upper floor there is a large window-door located above the southern access door, with holes in the jambs for the closing system; also another "esmari" or rectangular hole that seems to correspond to a modified window and blinded during the aforementioned restoration, in which another window opposite to the previous one would also be blinded.

The construction materials and origin are limestone from the same place and lime mortar.
The construction technique was the common masonry of masonry of limestone stones (not always) of medium-large size and bonded with a solid lime mortar.

Image of Molino de Viento de Alcublas