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Castillo Palacio de la Baronía(Alcàsser)

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The Castle Palace of the Barony is located in the Plaza del Castillo in the village of Alcácer. It was built in the 15th century on the ruins of the Arab castle of Alcácer. Historically, this village, under Muslim domination, had an Arab castle with foundations that would be used for the construction of the Barony's palace.

James I of Aragon conquered the Muslim village and ceded it in 1248 to Artal de Foces. "Its lordship passed through several families until 1443, when it was elevated to the category of barony, its first holder being Joan Català i Sanoguera. It maintained a continuous dependence on neighbouring Picasent until 1784".

This building was the residence of the nobles, as well as a symbol of the lordship's power. However, after centuries of splendour, its use was reduced until it was semi-abandoned and in ruins. Therefore, the town council set about rescuing what was left of the building, restoring and rehabilitating it to convert it into the headquarters of the town council. The Castle-Palace of the Barony is in good condition and retains much of its original appearance, although the fortifications and defences have lost much of their original appearance.

Image of Castillo Palacio de la Baronía