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Palau dels Sorells(Albalat dels Sorells)

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It is located in the center of the town. In 1480 Tomás Sorell y Sagarriga, ("Mosén Sorell"), son of Esclaramunda Sagarriga and Bernardo Tomás Sorell, ("Tomás el antiguo", lord of Xeldo and Sot de Ferrer), bought the manor from Luís Aguiló de Codinats and built the palace of Albalat. Bernat Sorell, nephew of Tomás, inherited Albalat in 1485.

Centuries later, in 1572, the Declaration of Justice recognizes Jaime Sorell i Boil linked to the Sorell family, Lord of Bétera, Gilvella and Masanasa, Knight of Calatrava, is recognized as the 5th lord of Albalat. In 1626 Felipe IV instituted the County of Albalat and Jaime Sorell i Boil became the first Count of Albalat.

Subsequently, the property was passed on to the Despuig, Torán, Gil Dols and Vallés families, being Mrs. María Federica de Vallés y Huesca, the current lady and countess of Albalat.

The Castell de Albalat dels Sorells is a model of Valencian Gothic manor house, with a central, square floor plan, with a structure of rammed earth walls that form a grid, leaving a central courtyard and the bands of a single bay around it. It highlights its staircase and gallery typical of the time and the geminated windows. Of its past opulence are also testimony to the remains of Gothic pottery pavements that are preserved.

The fortress-like appearance it has today is due to the intervention of the 19th century, when three towers were added.

The main facade is symmetrical, with an access door with a semicircular arch with voussoirs. Above the door are two vertical Gothic windows. The front is flanked by two crenellated towers with four floors, which are guessed from the outside by the small Gothic windows that open.

Image of Palau dels Sorells