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Toque Manual de Campanas(Albaida)

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Bell ringers from Albaida carry out the activity of safeguarding the Manual Ringing of Bells in the bell tower of the Parish of the Assumption of Albaida. This stone giant rises elegantly on the hill of the medieval town. It is the third bell tower that Albaida has had since the 13th century, which was completed in 1615. The top of the clock and the balustrade of the bell tower were built in 1858, reaching a total height of forty metres.

The Bell Tower of Albaida houses ten bells, seven in the bell room and three in the clock tower. The whole complex, bells and bell tower, was restored in 2003, being a model of exemplary restoration. In the restoration, the concept of the musical instrument (bells, belfry and auxiliary elements of the ringing) predominated, respecting the essence of the instrument so that the bell ringers could play the bells by hand. During the time of the restoration (1998 to 2003), the bells of Albaida were located in the main square of the town, at the foot of the tower in the centre of the Palau Marquesal, and did not stop ringing.

In 2015, the 400th anniversary of the construction of the bell tower of Albaida was celebrated with a year full of activities that ended in October with a big celebration and a hug from all the neighbours of Albaida as a sign of gratitude and appreciation to the bell tower.

On 21 April 2018, the Belfry of Albaida hosted the institutional event organised by Campaneros de Albaida together with the International Museum of Manual Bell Ringing and Hispania Nostra to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. It was the first bell tower to ring its bells in Europe in a great concert in which bells were rung in those places where they have maintained or recovered the manual ringing of bells. This fact is recognised as an Asset of Intangible Cultural Interest, making it the only town that perpetuates this tradition - it is one of the main architects of the proposal for the manual ringing of bells to be declared a World Heritage Site. Throughout the year, the Campaners d'Albaida Association, together with the sacristan, performs more than 3,200 tolls, tolls and peals.

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