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Ermita de San José(Ador)

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The Chapel of Sant Josep in Ador is located on the elevation known as El Cabezo, a small hill located to the west of the town. Although some sources give it a medieval origin, the hermitage was built between 1563 and 1564, possibly on the initiative of the local chieftain at that time, Josep Faus. Since 1684 the existence of a hermit has been documented -since it was maintained until 1981- and the discovery of burials under its floor seems to prove its use as a lazaretto. It has been restored on several occasions, especially at the end of the last century, and is currently in perfect condition. With dimensions of 18 m long by 9 m high and surrounded by a small square, it is a beautiful building of Renaissance aspect that has attached to both sides annexed dependencies and next to the door the casalicios of the last two stations of the Via Crucis. Its façade has a pediment, topped by a belfry, weathervane and bell dated 1654. The access door, decorated with atairs and with a ceramic altarpiece with the name of the hermitage between its lintel and the superior oculus, is reached by four steps.

The interior is covered with barrel vault with two sash arches that start from pilasters attached to the walls. There are wooden benches on the mosaic floor. The presbytery rises on steps and behind the main altar there is a baroque altarpiece in which a niche is opened to house the polychrome image of San José. To its right, in a lateral altar with profuse decoration is the image of the Cristo del Amparo.

Image of Ermita de San José