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Blaues Wunder(Dresden)

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The Blue Wonder, which went down in the annals as a technical sensation, is an engineering masterpiece of the 19th century. Its steel strut structure is based on the Eiffel Tower, which was completed in Paris a few years earlier in 1889.

The inauguration took place on 15 July 1893. The construction took two years and was carried out according to designs by the Secret Finance Council Claus Köpcke. When it was opened, the bridge was named after the reigning King Albert – “King Albert Bridge. ”

Due to its color, however, the vernacular soon called the bridge Blue Wonder, because after the original green coloring only blue proved to be lightfast. With a span of more than 100 metres, the 280-metre long and 3,500-ton suspension bridge does not need a bridge pillar. During the Second World War it remained undamaged and even escaped its planned explosion by the National Socialists thanks to the courageous commitment of some Dresden citizens.

Image of Blaues Wunder