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Heine Haus Literaturhaus Düsseldorf(Düsseldorf)

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Düsseldorf is known for its attractive city architecture, famous old town, and the topic we are going to talk about in this podcast: poet Heinrich Heine or more: his birthplace, today known as the ‘Heine Haus’ in Düsseldorf's old town. Lyrist Christian Johann Heinrich Heine, born December 13, 1797, as Harry Heine in Düsseldorf. He was one of the most important German poets, writers and journalists of the 19th century and is considered one of the last representatives and at the same time conqueror of Romanticism. What made him unique was that he made everyday language capable of poetry and gave German literature a previously unknown, elegant lightness. The works of hardly any other poet in the German language have been translated and set to music so frequently to this day. After extensive renovation and refurbishment, the house was reopened as the ‘Heine Haus’ on February 17, 2006. Initially a center for literature, since 2017 it has been called Heine Haus Literaturhaus Düsseldorf and is dedicated to the mediation and promotion of German-language and international contemporary literature. It is run as a public-private partnership between the state capital of Düsseldorf, the Förderverein Heine Haus e.V. and the literature shop Müller & Böhm, which is located in the front area of the house. An event room with a literature café extends in the rear area. The Heine Haus Literaturhaus Düsseldorf hosts author readings once or twice a week, focusing on modern German literature.

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