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Parque Caldas(Popayán)

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The Caldas de Popayán Cauca Park is one of the most characteristic spaces of the Payanes colonial historical center, together with the buildings and roads that surround it, it keeps in its memory the trajectory and transfer of a town that day by day and century after century has shared the experience of its festivals, joys, sorrows, social movements and adaptation to change according to the evolution of history from its creation in 1537 to date. Colloquially, the Caldas Park is called the reception room of the city, as it is the most beautified site that Popayán has to kindly receive visitors, tourists and locals, who can enjoy and admire the landscape and set of architectural constructions that surround this important heritage mixed culture. The design of the green areas of the Caldas park has a harmonious geometric layout, which allows you to walk along rectilinear and circular paths. As you make your way, you can admire the delicate gardening work that is flirtatiously accompanied by small colorful pools. In the center of the square stands the statue of Francisco José de Caldas, inaugurated in 1910 as a symbol and recognition of the wisdom, character, life and work, of a paanean with European origin, who also distinguished himself for being hero of the independence of Colombia. He was affectionately nicknamed "El Sabio Caldas", for his scientific and naturalistic career and for his knowledge and studies in military engineering, geography, botany, astronomy, law, mathematics and journalism, among other studies. He obtained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and is considered the father of National Engineering.

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