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Garabato Dance(Barranquilla)

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The Garabato dance is a staged expression of the struggle of life with death in an ironic way. This dance is performed in pairs, in which the woman wears her black dress combined with the colors of the Barranquilla flag (Red, yellow and green), with a “basin” neck style", adorns her head with flowers of these same colors, looking elegant with her makeup; The man has several features in his dress: Black "bombacho" pants decorated on the sides with the colors of the city flag, white Spanish socks, black shoes, yellow shirt. The traditional red cape decorated in a luxurious way with sequins and motifs that are representative of the city, as well as a blue bib with lace. The men also paint their faces white with red circles on their cheeks and finish the costume with a white hat adorned with artificial cayenne and green, red and yellow ribbons. Death is one of the most important figures of the Garabato dance, it must carry a black jumpsuit, with a white skeleton drawing painted on the dress, a mask in the shape of a skull and a scythe in his hands, for his fight with the dancer who represents life, and carries in his hands an ornate scribble to defend himself.

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