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Puente Batalla de Boyacá(Boyacá)

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The “Puente de Boyacá” is probably the most famous bridge in Colombia. It is located in the department of Boyacá, 115 kilometres from Bogotá and about 15 kilometres from Tunja. The bridge itself is very small but has great historical value. It was the site of one of the greatest battles ever fought in Colombia: The Battle of Boyacá. The Battle of Boyacá, which took place on August 7, 1819, is known as the event that ended dependence on the Spanish crown. In the battle, Simon Bolivar assaulted the royalist army with his patriot troops and won quickly due to his good knowledge of the terrain. Although the final independence of Colombia took a few more years, this battle was the most influential event in the independence process. Traveling from Bogotá north towards Tunja or Paipa it is surely worthwhile to stop at this significant site.

Image of Puente Batalla de Boyacá