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La quebrada Las Delicias(Bogotá)

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Upon reaching the Sabana de Bogotá, in the Cundiboyacense Altiplano at 2,600 meters above sea level, the majestic Eastern Hills that extend from south to north for 52 kilometers to a height of more than 800 meters are observed as a backdrop. They are part of an ecological structure of the central region of the Eastern Cordillera, with the largest number of paramos, natural water manufactures that are born in the Chingaza National Park - Production Forest Reserve Area. The Muiscas, an indigenous people of farmers, settled part of their population in areas adjacent to the eastern hills, their worldview, respectful of nature and the sacred value of the hills, without infringing any damage to the ecological system of the high Andean forest. The arrival of the conquerors brought with it the alteration of the ecosystem, the destruction of important areas of native forest at the foot of the slope and an irrational forestry and mining exploitation, negatively impacting the ecosystem. At the foot of the hills around 1830, the city spread to the north to the town of Villorrio, home of the Zapatero Antón Hero married to the daughter of the chief Usaquén. He designed some funny protective footwear platforms "Los Chapines" avoiding contact with the water from the muddy meadows of the site that later took the name of Chapinero. There, as a blessing, the 40-meter-highest waterfall in the Eastern Hills is called Quebrada las Delicias, because on its banks Palacetes and Quintas were built, places in which the Bogotá Society, the Cachacos gathered to dance and dance, not in vain they called it the place where Love is born. Today it is part of the Protective Reserve of the Eastern Hills and the splendor of the sound of water, Quebrada las Delicias is a recovered environmental trail and a must for walkers and hikers every day of the year. Come to Bogotá and take a picture of this charming place where the Goddess of Water Muisca SIE- will always accompany you.

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