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St. Martin's Island(St. Martin's Island)

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The local people know it as Coconut Ginger. St Martin's is the only coral island in Bangladesh. । Research by the Department of Environment (DoE), with the assistance of the UNDP, mentions that the island has a number of eco-systems, coral-rich areas, mangroves, lagoons and stony areas. The island is a safe haven for various species of fauna. The presence of 153 species of seaweeds, 66 species of coral, 187 species of oysters, 240 species of fish, 120 species of birds, 29 species of reptiles and 29 species of mammals were recorded at St Martin's Island in 2010. Around Saint Martin, the sea and the blue of the sky blend in unison. Esthetic coral reefs at low tide, swarms of flying gongs, the beauty of the sunset seen from the west beach, sitting on the beach in the gentle breeze, the clear blue waters of the shallow seas. Millions of tourists set foot on the dream Island. The urge to visit Saint Martin Island, the endless miracle of nature, never runs out despite repeated visits. We should try to preserve this place with its natural beauty so that our future generations can enjoy the captivating beauty of this island with the same fascination. And for aim few companies and organizations like Coca-Cola Bangladesh, Kewkradong Bangladesh along with Volunteers from all walks of life, including students, school teachers, and professionals from all over the country are trying to collect the waste from Island.

Image of St. Martin