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Casa del Dr. Curutchet(La Plata)

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Dr. Curutchet's House was built in 1949 in La Plata, based on Le Corbusier's project. It is a threelevel building that incorporates the Five Points of Modern Architecture. In 2016 it was declared a
World Heritage site by UNESCO, it integrates a series of works by the same author. In 1949 it was built in the city of La Plata, from the project carried out by Le Corbusier, the House of Dr. Curutchet.
It is a three-story building between party walls, composed of a house and doctor's office. The work incorporates the Five Architecture Points Modern proposed by Le corbusier: Independent structure from
pilotis, open plan design, design free from the facade window use run building a garden deck. In 2006 the work is declared a Monument National Historic, by Decree of the National Executive Power. In 2016, it is
declared a World Heritage site, together with a series of works projected by Le Corbusier and built in 7 countries. The series of works is presented under the name "The architectural work of Le Corbusier, a
outstanding contribution to the modern movement ”, it is made up of a set of 17 heritage assets located in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan and Switzerland.

Image of Casa del Dr. Curutchet