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Capilla de los Mártires - Basílica del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús(La Plata)

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Immersed in the urban fabric of the City of La Plata is the Iglesia del Sagrado Heart of Jesus belonging to the Work of Don Bosco in Argentina. Built between 1898 and 1921, constitutes one of the founding buildings of the city. In homage to the City, the November 19, 1966, it was proclaimed a Basilica by Pope Paul VI. Inside you hides the Chapel of the Martyrs blessed on June 25, 1939. Its construction was directed by the Salesian Father Tavani, who takes up the style Architectural Neo Byzantine Church and incorporates a marble altar in the New Art style Deco typical of his time. Polished marble reaffirms the strength and durability of the stone as well like the delicacy of the artist. Materials such as glass and acrylic add transparency, while textiles and woods add warmth. A chandelier with its tulips hangs in the center as a sign of a shining past and present. Its walls and vaulted ceiling are carefully decorated with hand-painted endings and motifs, which can only be they are interrupted by display cabinets containing reliquaries arranged like constellations. The original name was Chapel of the Relics of the Martyrs, due to the more than 800 relics of Popes, Bishops, martyrs, confessors, virgins and Doctors of the Catholic Church that exhibits in their cabinets. The Chapel reflects a custom of the Church that from its earliest times built altars, chapels and even basilicas near or on the tombs of the martyrs and saints. When the community did not have these memorial sites, received relics to have these signs of being united to the faith of the saints. Today the Chapel is the collection of a most valuable collection of relics displayed in reliquaries and preserved in a chest designed today.Over time it was also called Capilla del Santísimo, a name that arises in response to its use, becoming a space full of light, color and textures that invites adoration in front of the Tabernacle. However, several years in the past of the Chapel were dark: it must have remained closed for being in a high degree of deterioration typical of the passage of time, leaks that suffered from the upper floor and lack of budget for its maintenance. Until by decision of the Salesian Father Francisco De Rito, an interdisciplinary team of specialists carried out the enhancement of the chapel, restoring its beauty and splendor original. This work of restoration, interior design and lighting update was possible thanks to the commitment of the community that recognized the importance of this heritage and feeling it his own, he made financial donations. In 2017, the Chapel was reopened and since then it has been visited by faithful of the community Salesiana and residents of the city for its great historical, artistic and architectural value.

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